Get A Taste Of Super Mario Maker 3DS’ Near Endless Content In Latest Overview Trailer


Nintendo has released a new trailer for its upcoming Super Mario Maker port for the 3DS, giving players an overview of the “near-infinite” number of courses to be included in the handheld title.

As is the case with the console version, Super Mario Maker‘s portable iteration will come pre-loaded with 100 built-in courses created by Nintendo, all of which come with their own special objectives and award medals upon completion. While Nintendo hasn’t made too many changes under the hood in the transition, it should be noted that the 3DS’ dual screens take full advantage of the level editing feature, with a new tutorial system included to help you through the early stages of creating the greatest fan-made Mario stage known to man.

Perhaps the only disappointing revelation for the 3DS version is that player-made levels can’t be uploaded or downloaded through the internet. While Wi-Fi and StreetPass are still available avenues for sharing your content, we can’t help but think that Nintendo has missed a trick by not allowing content sharing on a global scale.

Super Mario Maker For 3DS launches December 1 in Japan and a day later for North America and Europe. For our review of the original Wii U version, see here.