Get Acquainted With The Savage Weapons Of Bloodborne In New Gameplay Trailer


If there’s one key takeaway from this new-fangled gameplay trailer for From Software’s Victorian-themed Bloodborne, it’s that in order to defeat monsters, you’re going to have to become a monster of your own.

Up until this point, we’ve seen the towering, grotesque monstrosities that players will come up against within the PlayStation 4 exclusive, but this latest gameplay clip (published as part of IGN’s month-long coverage) switches gears to focus on the weaponry you’ll have to defeat the in-game enemies with long before they become your downfall.

Everything from dual-wielding pistols to elongated, transformative scythes is included in the footage, which helps showcase the amount of variety with Bloodborne‘s pixellated arsenal. Granted, the weapons on display are medieval through and through, but from the looks of things, From Software’s latest genre piece will offer players with customization options aplenty as they tailor the equipment to their own specific playstyle.

We learned recently about the game’s procedurally-generated Chalice Dungeons section, a foreboding, subterranean lair where players will go up against challenging foes each as varied and random as the next. It’s an interesting premise, no doubt, and one that channels the passive social elements found in the Souls series. Whether the feature will imbue the game with the replayability factor that From is aiming for remains to be seen, but it is refreshing to note that the title will offer more content beyond the core campaign.

Bloodborne is due to release across North America and Europe on March 24 and March 25, respectively, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN

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