Ghost Games Targets AI Racers, Balanced Progression After Need For Speed Beta


Joining the cavalcade of tentpole release this November is Ghost Games’ total overhaul of the Need for Speed series. Having recently hosted a closed beta for the street-racing reboot, the Swedish-based developer has took to its official blog to detail some of the changes that will be implemented before the final game graces store shelves in a couple of weeks’ time.

Primarily, it is AI racers and Need for Speed‘s progression system that will undergo the biggest tweaks, after Ghost noted that “while the technical tests remained our primary focus of the closed beta it was great to read the passionate feedback you were providing. We wanted to take a brief moment to discuss some of the points you raised during the beta and how we’re looking to act upon them.”

Further in the post, a potential Wrap Editor was mentioned, and the studio capped off the post by confirming that AI opponents won’t be as prone to spontaneous bursts of speed as they were in the recent closed beta.

“The progression speed was an area some of you commented on, in particular how you felt you could quickly achieve a garage full of customized rides. The economy, both money and REP continue to be balanced and on launch you will find progression is now at a more normal pace.

“A number of you mentioned the speed in which the AI drove and their competitiveness,” the developer adds. “This is also something that has been tweaked and improved upon for the full release. When you hit the streets of Ventura Bay at launch you’ll find AI competitors aren’t as propelled by rocket fuel as they were at times during the Closed Beta.”

Touting an always-online infrastructure, Need for Speed will race onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 3 and November 5 in North America and in other territories, respectively. Due to an unlockable framerate, Ghost has noted that the reboot won’t drift onto PC until early 2016.