Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Developer Diary Talks Animation And Cover

In Ubisoft‘s rendition of the future, warfare will not only be more high-tech, but much more physically demanding as well. Their first in-depth look at the development of May’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier shows us how those two things will make our experience much more intense and cover-focused.

Along with the ability to use an invincibility cloak, the soldiers featured within the game will feature much more fluid animations. This will allow players to maneuver over obstacles or get from one set of cover to the next more efficiently, all while keeping their head down for safety. Using augmented reality targeting, a specific piece of cover can be selected, allowing for a quick run directly to that location without any stops in between. It also provides the option to quickly move from destroyed cover whenever necessary. Needless to say, those abilities should definitely help make things more action-oriented and as realistic as possible given the game’s created tech and fiction.

Check out the developer diary to see what I’m talking about in action. You will also be able to check out some of the game’s other improved animations, as well as various types of combat situations.

Check it out below.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is expected to deploy on May 22.