Ghost Recon Online Takes A Moment To Introduce You To The Specialist

It has to be hard pitching an idea for a Free To Play PC game, especially when it’s a shooter. With so many quality titles out there already (Team Fortress 2, Super Monday Night Combat, and Tribes: Ascend instantly jump to mind), it must be tough convincing the higher-ups that you have an idea that can wrestle away some of the market share. While it’s way too early to know for sure, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Online certainly seems to have a chance.

A new Class Focus trailer has been released for the game, allowing the Specialist class to get the nod. It shows off some of the impressive abilities at his disposal. Everything from bubble shields to EMP fields and ammo supply crates seem to be available for his use. We’ll have to report back to you on just how well they work in the field, but the video makes them look quite impressive.

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