A New Ghostbusters Game Is Likely In Development



Hopefully you “ain’t afraid of no ghosts,” because not only is Ghostbusters coming to the big screen in 2016, but a complementary video game is also said to be in the works. Yes, you read that right: a brand new Ghostbusters video game, which hopefully won’t end up being disappointing like 2011’s Sanctum of Slime (XBLA, PSN, PC) was.

What’s important to note here is that this news didn’t come directly from Activision. Although, they are the company that is said to be behind the proton packed project. Instead, it was revealed in a report published by Retail Merchandiser regarding Sony Pictures’ consumer products. We’re still waiting to hear from Activision, itself.

After mentioning how the (solid, but forgotten about) 2009 Ghostbusters game renewed interest in the series, this report goes on to say that a “full fledged” game based on the IP is in development. However, whether it’s set to star the all-female cast and release alongside the new movie is unknown at this point, as details are unavailable.

“Ghostbusters” is also returning to video games. Already, the “Ghostbusters” sets are on sale for “Lego Dimensions,” a toys-to-life game featuring the classic building blocks and a new full-fledged “Ghostbusters” video game from Activision will release alongside the movie on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to Ghostbusters 2016 and its rumoured video game.

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