Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle Will Include Both The New Game And Film


Activision announced today that their upcoming Ghostbusters video game will be receiving a special Ultimate Bundle upon launch next month. Priced at $64.99, the special set will be available through the PlayStation Network on PS4 and select regions on the Xbox One through the Xbox Game Store.

Set after the events of the upcoming reboot, FireForge Games’ Ghostbusters will center around a new cast of rookie recruits who all feature their own unique powers, as well as specialized gear and abilities. Up to four-players can take part in the action, as the team follows in the footsteps of the previous gang as they try to eliminate any spectral presence in Manhattan.

Considering that the regular version of the title carries a $49.99 price tag, the Ultimate Bundle is a pretty good value for only $15 more. Besides including the base game, the set also comes with a digital copy of the new Ghostbusters film when it becomes available, two special dashboard themes inspired by the film and game, and four new costumes for the characters based around the 1984 classic. If the upcoming reboot turns out well, this strikes me as quite the bargain.

Despite there being examples to the contrary, it’s still hard for me to get excited over most licensed video games. The Ghostbusters franchise is 50/50 in that department since 2009, so studios have been able to successfully replicate the series before. The release also marks the debut of FireForge Games, which only formed back in 2011. I am rooting for the game, though, as the franchise is a gold mine for fun, co-op action.

Ghostbusters is scheduled to slime PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on July 12.