Impressive Call of Duty:Black Ops Cumulative Stats

Treyarch have released a small but significant summary of the statistics that Black Ops can be credited with.  While a lot of these figures are cycling on the multiplayer menu banner, it’s rather different seeing them all at once. It gives us some perspective as to just how big this monster of a franchise is, and how much time people are putting into this game almost exclusively.

I understand and accept why Call Of Duty is so big but when you get numbers like that it makes me laugh and feel a little sorry for all the other developers who are desperately trying to get even a small piece of the online action. How can they compete at this stage? I’ll tell you: they can’t, not yet anyway. There are only two ways it can happen, either CoD somehow misfires with one of its future titles and the gaming world (not to mention everyone else) will dismiss the franchise in disgust, OR some other craze takes hold of the market and spreads around like wildfire because of its ingenuity and rebelliousness.

Perhaps it might not even be an FPS? Wouldn’t that be something?

Black Ops from November 9th 2010 till February 1st 2011:

Shots fired: 1.1 trillion
Crossbow bolts fired: 3.4 billion
Players have ran around the Earth: 129,069 times
Players have fallen the height of Mount Everest: 5,571,102 times
Tomahawk bank shots: 28,494,020
Wager Match earnings: 147 billion COD Points
User-generated videos: 43 million
Aircraft downed: 1,273,209,731
Cars destroyed: 994,665,956
Headshots: 5,124,592,368
Players knifed: 242,316,815
Executions: 591,779,577
Paybacks: 10,059,041,802
Contract COD Points: 7,127,942,471

The First Strike DLC went live yesterday for Xbox 360 owners.