Get Your Giant Robot Fix With This New Transformers Devastation Gameplay Trailer


Been hankering for some more Transformers Devastation gameplay ever since the game was announced back at E3 in June? Well, wait no longer – Activision have given the fans what they want and released some new footage showing off the Autobots in action as they attempt to beat down the Decepticons in combat.

Many had been left wondering what exactly the Generation 1 era Transformers title was going to be about in terms of gameplay, but now, it’s pretty clear; this is all about weighty, satisfying melee combat. That doesn’t mean giant energy cannons and null rays won’t be available though, the trailer has several instances where Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron get trigger happy with projectiles.

We also get a good look at how vehicular transformations will work in Transformers Devastation. Driving sections are now looking like a sure thing, but it’s the on-the-fly transformations from both forms as part of a combo system that looks the most interesting.

What’s more, two Optimus’ appear on-screen at once during the trailer, suggesting that some form of multiplayer component will feature. From what we’ve seen so far, hopes are high that Platinum Games will be able to pull off something that only High Moon Studios have managed so far with the Cybertron series. That is, create a Transformers title that isn’t terrible.

What are your thoughts on Transformers Devastation so far? Are you weak at the knees at the very thought of a Generation 1 era title? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VideoGamer