Girl Fight Is Out Now On PSN And XBLA, Hang On To Your Bra Straps And Stuff

Girl Fight

Ever find yourself jonesing for some sexy girl-on-girl combat, but short a few dozen clams of Dead or Alive‘s asking price? Well, I won’t say you’re not alone, because you might be, but at least now you have other options. Enter Girl Fight, the $10 all-female arcade fighter from the classy gentlemen at Microprose. And yes, I think it’s a fair assumption that most of their staff are men.

From what I understand, Girl Fight‘s premise centers around a semi-random assemblage of deadly, “femme fatale” women who have all been kidnapped by The Foundation, a majorly sketchy science group hoping to weaponize said womens’ psionic fighting abilities. Basically, these guys are going around the globe plucking hot psychic babes from their natural habitat and plugging them into some odd matrix called The Mainframe. Hey, don’t look at me – check the Girl Fight wiki if you’re so damn confused. And by check, I mean start.

The game seems to have a fair amount of content considering the mild asking price, with each character possessing a unique fighting style and access to numerous upgrade abilities. On top of that, there will be unlockable entries to each character’s backstory — which will slowly unfold over time — and a mysterious extra referred to in press materials simply as “skins.” I wonder what that’s all about.

A game like Girl Fight wears its main gimmick smack on its overtly exposed G-string, and if you’re coughing up the ten bucks to download this thing then you probably know what you’re getting into. Naturally, I’ll be reviewing the game this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re actually looking for a verdict on gameplay before you buy. Otherwise, well, I doubt you need me to greenlight your purchase.