God Eater Resurrection Gets Extensive Prologue In Anime Trailer


God Eater Resurrection received some new English pre-release promotion today in the form of a pretty epic dubbed anime prologue. The eleven minute-long trailer comes courtesy of acclaimed animation studio Ufotable, and serves as a narrative introduction to the events of the new game.

The prologue, which you can see above, gives a glimpse of key characters Soma, Lindow, Tsubaki and Johannes von Schicksal 6 years before the events of God Eater Resurrection. The game itself has the following narrative introduction:

Set in the year 2065, three young God Eater recruits from the Fenrir Far East Branch are sent to the Eurasian continent’s former Russia. With humanity on the brink against the ravenous Aragami, they are to provide back up to the Allied Forces in a large-scale search and destroy operation.

Check out the animated prologue for the series above, before God Eater Resurrection and its sequel, God Eater 2: Rage Burst become available for PS4, PS Vita and PC later this summer.

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