God Of War III Remastered Isn’t Being Handled By The Original Developer


Development of the upcoming God Of War III Remastered isn’t being handled by original developer, Sony Santa Monica, so says the most recent update for the game on the PlayStation blog, which must be worrying news for anyone who has a PC and tried to play Batman: Arkham Knight when it released last month.

The PC version of the Arkham series’ concluding chapter wasn’t handled by Rocksteady Studios – instead, it was headed by Iron Galaxy Studios – and that version suffered some pretty horrific game-breaking bugs. Granted, the God Of War III remaster is entirely unrelated to that fiasco, but outsourcing development duties to third-party developers isn’t news that’s known to go down well.

That being said, the statement on the blog is reassuring fans that Wholesale Algorithms have the project totally under control:

The team at Wholesale Algorithms has made God of War 3 Remastered sharper, more vibrant, and smoother. Now you can see every single detail of Kratos’s fiery blades in motion as he performs his incredible ballet of destruction.

It also suggests that the game might not be able to achieve a steady 60fps/1080p experience:

The gameplay, which targets 60fps/1080p, just feels better and the animation of the characters look so much smoother, which as an animator is especially rewarding!

We’ll just have to wait and see how the final product turns out, but judging by the tantalising launch trailer (which you can watch above), all seems to be going well. So far.

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Source: VideoGamer