God Of War: Ascension Teases End Of The World

God of War: Ascension hasn’t even been out for a week and yet here we are, possibly looking at what may be the next installment of Sony’s brutal hack n’ slasher. Relatively early on in the game, during The Cistern level to be exact, is an image that reads: “Of all the prophecies I see, this one haunts my dreams. QUJIKPHIUEEEKMJQUJ. The full truth of this nightmare yet remains hidden”.

Of course, the message is rather puzzling. If it helps (and it doesn’t), it’s Aletheia that speaks these words. If that didn’t help, then maybe seeing the actual picture will (it won’t). But check it out below anyways.

Theories are surely to be aplenty after gamers unscramble the sequence, as for when that’ll happen I can’t te–wait, what’s that, it’s been unscrambled already? Apparently, all it took was for some GAF members to change the game’s language, allowing for the sequence of letters to be altered. Then, using a scrambling technique that had “Q” stand for “S” and applying the number of letters between those two to all the other letters in the sequence, they were able to find a list of words that were in sequential order. Players had to press “R1” at spots labeled Sun, Bird, Bull, Lion, and Sun (for the more visual reader) in that order in able to view the “When the Earth stops, the journey begins…” picture at the beginning of this post.

So what could this mean? Well, looking at the two pictures, my guess is that the second picture posted is some kind of ground zero for whatever explosion or shockwave that was set off in the first picture. Is God of War IV going to be set in some kind of post-apocalyptic setting? I doubt it, but that shockwave has got to affect the world somehow. Many people fantasize about a modern day God of War but by looking at continent alignments, it’s obviously not going to be set in the present day.

Honestly, it’s just far too ambiguous a picture and caption to arrive at any conclusive idea. Combine this image with the ending of God of War III and it’s pretty much pointless trying to figure it out. At least Sony Santa Monica left a small little inkling of what’s to come.

What do you think? Is this God of War IV? Is this even related to Greek mythology? Give us your best guess in the comments below.

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