Godus Wars Arrives As A Revamping Of Previous Godus Title


Godus Wars

Peter Molyneux and 22 Cans have released a new Godus title into Steam Early Access with the arrival Godus Wars earlier today. The game finally adds real-time strategic combat to the Godus world as it attempts to mix strategy tactics with the more typical omnipotence of the god game genre.

The official Steam page describes the game as “fun, simple and brutal,” which certainly makes it sound like a healthy mix of the two tactical genres. The Early Access content is limited down, of course, but the listing promises that players will be able to do battle across seven continents featuring “hundreds” of levels that can be sculpted to your liking.

The confirmed content for this version of the game is as follows:

First continent included as standard – Second continent available unlock-able via premium add-on.

Over 70 unique and deformable levels

4 playable Deities with a range of abilities

2 base unit types – Archers & Catapults

20 cards with 10 power levels!

2 Deity opponentsOriginal Godus included

22 Cans have explained that the appeal behind having the deformable levels will be that battlefield tactics take on a whole new realm, and that no two battles in Godus Wars will play out the same.

Godus Wars is currently available free through Early Access for existing Godus players, while it’ll cost $15 as a standalone title.

Source: Kotaku

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