Golden Axe 1 And 2 Soundtracks To Be Released On Vinyl


In a surprise announcement, Data Discs has announced that they are bringing the soundtracks for both Golden Axe 1 and 2 to vinyl, which will be available for purchase starting tomorrow.

Marking their seventh release in partnership with Sega of Japan, Data Discs is bringing together the complete soundtracks for both Golden Axe (1989) and Golden Axe II (1991) in one complete package. As is becoming standard for most of their releases, Data Discs has dug into the archives at Sega and have emerged with some stellar artwork for the game, which will be bundled with the soundtrack on thick lithographic prints. The record itself will be available on August 26th, in translucent gold or classic black versions. There’s also a limited amount of gold records that are adorned with purple swatches.

As always, the outer packaging and sleeve features some stellar artwork from the Japanese edition of the game, and audiophiles can rest easy knowing that the soundtrack has been remastered and restored using original console hardware. A full tracklist for the release can be found below.

Golden Axe

A1. The Battle / A2. Wilderness / A3. Battlefield / A4. Thief’s Theme / A5. Old Map / A6. Turtle Village I / A7. Fiend’s Path / A8. Turtle Village II / A9. Death Adder / A10. Showdown / A11. Conclusion / A12. Sutakora, Sassa! / A13. Game Over

Golden Axe II

B1. Character Select / B2. Ravaged Village / B3. Boss / B4. Magician Stage / B5. Crystal / B6. Ancient Ruins / B7. Enemy’s Headquarters / B8. Dragon’s Throat / B9. Boss / B10. The Castle Gate / B11. Castle of Dark Guld / B12. Death Adder II / B13. All Clear / B14. Staff Roll / B15. Result / B16. Game Over

Those who are interested in picking up a copy should head to Data Discs’ website, which has all the pre-order information detailed. You can also check out their SoundCloud account, which has a few select tracks available for listening.