Gone Girl’s Emily Ratajkowski Stars In New Live-Action Trailer For Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Activision has blurred the lines between live-action and CG animations in the latest explosive trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which features Taylor Kitsch and Gone Girl’s Emily Ratajkowski.

The footage was directed by Lone Survivor’s Peter Berg and, as you’d imagine, is a bombastic, over-the-top account of what we can expect come Tuesday, November 4th. Still, there are a few nuggets of worth buried within the white noise, including the hoover bikes and some of the exoskeleton’s abilities — which have been billed as an out-and-out game changer.

Here’s what Berg had to say to Variety about the recently-released sizzle reel:

“We wanted to replicate what you’ll see when you play it. It was important to Activision that the game was accurate and not promising something that it isn’t. We didn’t want to overpromise what the game could deliver. Everything we designed, we designed with the game guys there.”

Earlier this week, we learned more about the game’s Atlas Gorge map pack, which has been billed as a revamp of the Pipeline arena from Call of Duty 4. It will be available to those who purchase Advanced Warfare‘s season pass day and date, and it’s understood that Sledgehammer plan to launch a total of four map packs across the coming months. As with all Call of Duty expansions, you can expect the DLC to hit Xbox platforms first, before becoming available to other systems at a later date.

In many ways, there’s a lot riding on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s shoulders. Recently, we learned that pre-order numbers for franchise have been down year-on-year since the release of Black Ops II and given that the series has shifted to a three-year development cycle to accommodate Sledgehammer’s maiden entry, it’ll be interesting to see how Activision’s first-person shooter evolves over the coming years.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is poised to launch on Tuesday, November 4th.