Gone Home Hit With Last Minute Delay In Europe For Xbox One And PlayStation 4


Suspenseful adventure game Gone Home has been hit with a last minute delay for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, developer Fullbright have announced. Breaking the frustrating news to fans on Twitter, the studio cited “last-minute complications” with the European ratings board as the reason for the delay.

Sad announcement: due to last-minute complications with ratings/cert, GH Console is delayed in EU/AUS regions. EU/AUS versions are on fast track, so our hope is this is a brief delay– we’re working as hard [as] possible to fix it.

Fullbright hasn’t said what it is exactly that the European rating’s board took issue with in regards to the contentious content, but we can’t imagine what it would be. Gone Home can be considered an unsettling experience for some, sure, but it’s certainly in no way violent, sexual or explicit.

Hopefully the issue will be ironed out soon though, as Gone Home is a terrific interactive story that puts you in the shoes of a young woman who returns home after a year abroad, only to find her family have deserted the house and nowhere to be seen.

Receiving critical acclaim upon its original release on PC, Fullbright have been hard at work bringing the game to consoles ever since. Sadly, some you will just have to wait a little bit longer than others – North America is unaffected by the delays, and the title is available to download now.

If you’ve yet to experience the marvellous storytelling in Gone Home, you can read our review here to see what we thought of it.

Source: VideoGamer