Google Rolls Out Games

In its recently released Chrome Store, Google has included games in its wide ranging web offerings. Most of the games are just the standard casual web games that are available tons of places around the internet from thousands of different developers, but this inclusion shows how Google is still looking to move into new product areas. But, there are games such as Plants vs. Zombies (the same version available on Steam), and then there’s FarmVille and all of the social games.

The marketplace also has other types of web apps available, and places a shortcut to the ones used in the new tab page of Google Chrome. There are also Chrome Extensions available in the market, which is similar to how

It is definitely interesting to see Google get into the games game, and I hope they continue further into possibly actually offering platforms like Steam competition. While I do love Steam, competition is what fuels innovation and progress, so if Google competing with them makes them better, or just beats Steam outright, I would be happy to be able to access my games easily from more locations, as well as have access to a larger games library on one platform, which is the direction I hope Google is taking this.