Gorgeous Dino Crisis Art Imagines How A Remake Could Look

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis

Capcom has been killing it as of late by delivering new entries in several key franchises, all of which have enjoyed both critical acclaim and massive commercial success.

Monster Hunter World, Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2‘s smashing remake, to name just a few, have all proven within the last few years that there’s still plenty of life left yet in all three IPs, no doubt signalling to the developer in the process that there exists an insatiable appetite for more sequels and reboots. While priorities will understandably always lie with those brands boasting the power to sell copies based on an established name alone, though, some fans are eager to see Capcom revisit lesser known worlds in its extensive back catalog, including Dino Crisis.

As another survival horror series with gameplay motifs unsurprisingly similar to Shinji Mikami’s more mainstream Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, despite being essentially dead and buried since the release of its third installment back in 2003, still enjoys a huge cult following among fans of the genre and Earth’s long-extinct prehistoric species, to the extent that it often charts highly in remake wish lists.

While the jury’s still out on whether the series will ever live again, however, one talented artist has now imagined what a next-gen version could look like, and you can check out their work in the gallery below.

In regard to whether we’re ever likely to see such a project officially enter production, it’s always worthwhile to remain hopeful, even if all signs currently point to Capcom having absolutely no interest in the endeavor. It was only recently, after all, that we caught wind of a pitch by now-defunct subsidiary Capcom Vancouver to commence work on a new Dino Crisis title, one that was unceremoniously shot down by the company before it could ever take flight. See here for the full story.