Gotham City Impostors Will Run Amuck This Winter

We all have dreams of being superheroes who save our hometowns or cities from crazed criminals. Some of us also maybe dream of the opposite of that: actually being a criminal. Hopefully the latter camp will keep those ideas within virtual confines.

The perfect way to do that would be to download Gotham City Impostors, which is slated to hit XBLA and PSN this winter for the price of fifteen dollars according to Warner Bros. It’s a Batman-free look at the dark and crime-ridden city, taking the form of a shooter. Players choose their allegiance: the good guys or the bad guys and play as costumed impostors of characters such as Batman, Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Monolith are at the helm for this one and, if one studio knows how to make a shadow-filled game, it’s them. They’ll do the dark city justice. F.E.A.R. anyone?

Team-based shootouts in Gotham City with maniacs and daydream vigilantes sounds like a lot of fun if it’s pulled off well. From the looks of its latest trailer, the project certainly oozes with character. Just listen to that maniacal laughter; you’d think it was actually the Joker himself. Depending on your skill, he may or may not be as skilled or lethal as that iconic super villain.

As if The Caped Crusader doesn’t have enough on his plate already…

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