Gotham Knights Will Not Be A Sequel To Batman: Arkham Knight

Gotham Knights

WB Games Montréal revealed their upcoming title Gotham Knights at DC FanDome yesterday. It’ll be the developer’s second Batman video game after Arkham Origins but apparently, Gotham Knights will not continue the iconic series.

“Gotham Knights is an original story set in DC’s Batman Universe and not connected to the Arkham series,” says the company.

That might come as a bit of a surprise to fans who saw the trailer, especially when considering how much the story outlined there appears to follow up on Rocksteady’s previous game, Batman: Arkham Knight. The preview even opens with news reports covering the destruction of Wayne Manor, an event which served as the epilogue to Rocksteady’s 2015 title.

Up next, it shows that Bruce Wayne has died and that he planned to pass on the position of Gotham’s protector to his various subordinates. Batman’s death slash retirement was also a prominent theme in Knight, during which Bruce repeatedly considered choosing Azrael as his successor.

Gotham Knights

That, however, is where the two games begin to differ. Whereas the Batman of Arkham Knight was grooming Azrael to be his replacement, the Batman of Gotham Knights seems to be leaving his legacy to Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood. Like the Arkham games, these various members of the Bat Family will be playable characters. Unlike the Arkham games, however, they will now take center stage.

Another clue which indicates that Gotham Knights is set in a different universe than Arkham Knight is the fact that James Gordon, the head of the Gotham City Police Department and Batman’s trusted partner, appears to have died. As players who made their way through Arkham Knight will know, Gordon was alive and well by the time the end credits rolled.

Tell us, though, what are your initial impressions of the game? Are you looking forward to it? As always, let us know down below.