Gotham Gets The Live-Action Treatment In Latest Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer


With little over a month until The Caped Crusader’s anticipated return, Rocksteady’s marketing campaign for Batman: Arkham Knight is beginning to reach its almighty crescendo. After detailing the threequel’s intriguing Dual Play mechanic last week, the studio has given Gotham the live-action treatment in the latest trailer, giving the franchise’s ardent fanbase an opportunity to “Be the Batman.”

Playing out from different perspectives across the crime-ridden city, the footage essentially runs down the characteristics of The Word’s Greatest Detective: Selfless, determined, courageous and feared. And while it’s all very over-the-top and not indicative of the final product, it’s still a neat package to garner excitement for Arkham Knight‘s debut in a month’s time.

Billed as the conclusive chapter in Rocksteady’s acclaimed series, Batman: Arkham Knight will orbit around a villainous army of crooks assembled by Jonathan Crane’s Scarecrow; a motley crew that includes Harley Quinn, Two Face, the Penguin and the titular Arkham Knight, a character said to be exclusive to the game’s universe that is essentially a weaponized version of The Dark Knight.

With Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Nolan North and The Last of Us’ Troy Baker cramming up the studio’s voice booth, Rocksteady’s threequel will also feature the dulcet tones of Twilight star Ashley Greene and Jonathan Banks, best known for his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Batman: Arkham Knight is creeping ever closer to its release on June 23, when it will hit PS4, Xbox One and PC.