Grab Your Buster Sword: Final Fantasy VII Is Available On Steam From Today


As far as petitions for video game remakes go, few come close to matching the fevered hype that has surrounded a potential makeover of Final Fantasy VII. Fans have asked for it over and over, but instead, the game’s developer Square Enix has quietly distanced itself from the idea by ensuring the beloved JRPG is available on a plethora of gaming platforms, which, as of today, includes the digital distribution system Steam.

This follows the game’s teased appearance on Steam’s production page last year, and now, Final Fantasy VII will finally be available for $11.99/£9.99 with a 3GB file size to boot. Though the title is only available for Windows operating systems, the release will come bundled with a variety of new features, including a Steam achievement system and cloud-saving.

Set in the technocratic and futuristic Midgar, the seventh iteration of Hironobu Sakaguchi’s famous series tells the story of Cloud Strife; a member of a rebel group called Avalanche. As the greedy Shinra organisation exploit the planet’s resources and push the world toward ruin, Cloud and his ragtag team wage war against the mega-corporation and become instrumental in the fate of their civilisation.

Hailed as a trailblazer for the industry soon after release, Final Fantasy VII has went on to become one of most treasured titles amongst the gaming community. And while a remake has been brushed aside by Square Enix until a modern Final Fantasy emulates its success, the game still lives up to this day with its memorable narrative and loveable characters. The release of Final Fantasy VII for Steam lends credence to the series bolstering resurgence, what with Final Fantasy XIV’s re-release, Final Fantasy X’s HD remakes and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII all cramming up the JRPG release window in the next twelve months.

So, will you enlist with Avalanche and download Final Fantasy VII via Steam? Or are you more interested by the Cloud-themed pre-order incentive for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? Let us know below!