Grab Gone Home For Free On PC This Weekend

Gone Home

After a particularly trying week in the United States, developer Fullbright is looking to show a little love this weekend. Until 12 a.m on Monday, distributor will offer Gone Home for the PC free of charge.

Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor announced the give-away through his Twitter account on Friday evening. With this week being what it’s been, Gaynor is doing it “for people that need something about hope and love right now.” Gone Home normally retails for $20, but can currently be grabbed for free on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

While free sounds better, follows the Humble Bundle style of distribution, meaning consumers can “pay what they think is fair for the game,” with all generated proceeds being given away. For this specific deal, all proceeds will be donated to Lambda Legal, an organization that supports LGBT people and those living with HIV.

For the uninformed, Gone Home is a first-person adventure that was originally released in 2013. Taking place in 1995, players step into the shoes of Kaitlin Greenbriar as she explores her family home. While praised by critics, the game has been divisive to consumers due to its lack of action and unconventional narrative.

I’m not going to tell you where to spend your money, and in this difficult political climate, it would be a waste of words to do so. All I can say is that you can pick up a game that I personally enjoyed for super cheap, while also helping out a non-profit that can use any help it can get.

Gone Home will only be available at this price for another day, so if you’re at all interested, you can hop over to now. As for developer Fullbright, they’re currently hard at work on their sophomore effort, the space-set Tacoma, which is due for release in 2017.