Grand Theft Auto 3 Confirmed For Release On PSN Tomorrow


Confirming a listing on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store last week, Sony has announced that Grand Theft Auto 3 will finally be released on the PSN when the store is updated tomorrow [September 25th].

Grand Theft Auto 3 was originally scheduled to launch as a PlayStation Store PS2 Classic last July, however, it was delayed due to a last-minute licensing problem with one of the game’s music tracks. Whatever the exact licensing issue was, Rockstar appears to have worked out a solution.

The long delay now means that GTA 3 will have to compete for attention in a rather large PSN update that includes; Tokyo Jungle, the inFAMOUS Collection, the Ratchet & Clank Collection, Mirror’s Edge, Final Fantasy III (PSP), and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, to name a few.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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