Grand Theft Auto 3 Hits PSN’s PS2 Classics On Tuesday

Confirming an ESRB rating from back in January, the PlayStation Blogcast announced this past week that Grand Theft Auto 3 will be the next game to become part of the PS2 Classics section on PSN, when the PlayStation Store updates on July 31st.

Grabbing a digital copy of GTA3 on the PSN this Tuesday will cost you $10, but don’t expect to get any extras beyond the content found in the PS2 version with this release. As is the case with all of the PS2 Classics, the game is an exact port of the original title. That means; no HD upgrade, no improved framerate, no added content, and absolutely no Trophy support.

Considering how groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto 3 was when it first released for the PS2, it’s a real shame that it has not been updated in anyway for its debut on the PS3. In video game history there are only a handful of titles that truly standout as turning points for the medium, and GTA3 is one of them. In my view it deserves a bit more than a quick bare-bones digital port.

Source: Joystiq