Grand Theft Auto 6 May Feature A Female Protagonist


E3 is just around the corner now and you know what that means – a deluge of leaks and rumors are inbound. Like clockwork, the usual round of juicy scoops have begun circulating the internet to precede the event and while some are plausible, others are not. And that’s especially true when it comes to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Despite Rockstar’s critically-acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 still being fresh on ours minds, fans of the developer’s work have already started looking ahead to the series’ next entry. Though the sequel has yet to be officially announced, we know that production on GTA V‘s successor is already well underway and according to the latest rumor doing the rounds, the game might just feature a female protagonist.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Of course, we advise taking this with a grain of salt until we get some official confirmation, but it’d certainly be interesting to see happen as it’d be a first for the long-running series. It’s unclear if this female would be the only protagonist in the game or if there’d be several, but either way, it’s easy enough to believe that this is the direction Rockstar is heading in, especially with all the calls for more diversity and representation in the entertainment industry these days.

Either way, we should start to get some concrete details sooner rather than later. As we mentioned above, E3 is quickly approaching and with rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 could hit the market as early as 2020, we imagine the upcoming expo will bring forth a ton of new details on the hugely anticipated release. As always, watch this space for more and be sure to leave your thoughts down below on the game featuring a female protagonist.

Source: GameRant