Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Reportedly Have A Playable Female Main Character

Grand Theft Auto 5

If you’re getting a strong feeling of déjà vu upon reading that headline, it’s not just you.

With the new year comes renewed hope that Rockstar won’t go yet another 12 months without even squeaking the name Grand Theft Auto 6, with many no doubt hoping that 2021 could even be when the long-awaited sequel is intended to arrive. That latter proposal is almost certainly off the table for numerous reasons, but an initial reveal is certainly possible, if not more likely than ever, considering how long in the tooth its predecessor is. Indeed, Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s crime-fuelled bender in Los Santos is now going on 8 years old and even Red Dead Redemption 2 – the developer’s latest release – is over the two-year mark.

Truth be told, rumors aside, almost nothing is known about the next installment in one of gaming’s most profitable franchises, though one ‘leak’ that continues to crop up on a regular basis states that the sixth entry will be the first ever to feature a female protagonist. Prolific Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson has reignited that conversation yet again this week with little more than a single sentence, saying:

This claim isn’t accompanied by even a shred of evidence, of course, so we’d advise taking it with a huge grain of salt. For what it’s worth, though, Henderson has correctly provided unreleased information about various Call of Duty titles in the past prior to Activision making it official, so there’s at least a chance of his statement being true.

Either way, this is just the latest in a long line of similar leaks claiming to have inside knowledge of the protagonists fronting Grand Theft Auto 6‘s story, and we’ll just have to see if anything concrete emerges over the months ahead. Watch this space!