Grand Theft Auto 6 Publisher Says It’ll Be Announced When Rockstar Is Ready

Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 will only be announced when Rockstar is ready to break the news and no sooner.

That’s according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, at least, who recently had to address questions surrounding the hugely successful franchise’s future. In an excerpt of the video call (shared by user Elena_xoxo over on Reddit), Zelnick is asked specifically if potential remasters of previous GTA titles would have any impact on the development of a brand new installment and, indeed, if there was any indication of when the latter would be revealed. Unsurprisingly, the executive had little to say in response other than reiterating that any further news would come directly from the series’ creator itself rather than Take-Two.

Sadly, not even the slightest hint of when that might be was given, but considering the recent decision to release – yet again – an updated version of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, it’s looking increasingly likely that a sequel is still far away.

Rockstar’s gone on record previously to state that it has no intention of dedicating resources to basic remasters and that next-gen versions of the fifth entry will offer markedly more than just visual enhancements. Performance upgrades (especially with regard to loading times) will almost certainly be high on the list of priorities for the new and improved outing’s arrival later this year, with the game continuing to sell thousands of copies regularly almost eight years later.

Much of this long-lasting success is attributed to accompanying multiplayer component GTA Online, of course, and it’ll be fascinating to see how Grand Theft Auto 6 handles a successor on that front or, indeed, whether it’ll be replaced at all. Stay tuned for more details.