Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumor Teases Return To Liberty City And Reveal Date

Grand Theft Auto 6

New rumors from anonymous sources claiming to have an inside scoop on Grand Theft Auto 6 are doing the rounds yet again.

All has been quiet with regard to Rockstar’s long-awaited sequel for a considerable amount of time, but that’s unlikely to be the case for the foreseeable future. Over on 4chan, someone wishing not to share their identity states that an earlier leak – one which teased that the sixth installment is codenamed “Project America” and spans five separate locations, Liberty City being one of them – is largely accurate. Adding to this, the user also cites that development has been ongoing ever since the release of GTA V and that not even the much-publicized crunch period necessitated by Red Dead Redemption 2 hindered production.

Continuing, they say that Grand Theft Auto Online, which continues to be an incredibly popular product apart from the single-player adventure it was originally packaged with, has actually been providing insight on the design process for GTA 6 without anyone even realizing it.

The recently released Cayo Perico heist, while not named, is heavily referenced as an example of how Rockstar is approaching the follow-up to 2013’s outing, as it brought with it a brand new landmass not connected to the San Andreas map. Each fresh area will supposedly “plug in” to all existing content, with the biggest hurdle being to migrate all of the data and assets over to the studio’s new engine.

It goes without saying, of course, that this should all be taken with a gigantic grain of salt, but if a reveal date for Grand Theft Auto 6 truly is closer than expected, fans may finally get their first look at all of this in action, so to speak, sooner rather than later, so stay tuned.