Grand Theft Auto V Actor Sullies Hopes For Single-Player DLC



Voice actor for Grand Theft Auto V‘s Michael De Santa, Ned Luke, has come out and said he has no knowledge of any supposed DLC for the title. In a statement released on the actor’s own Facebook page, Luke made pretty clear through his use of a bold font that he’s unaware of any potential story DLC for Rockstar’s epic.

EVERYBODY wants single player DLC… I know NOTHING about that. Don’t know when it’s gonna happen or even IF it’s gonna happen.

At this point, it probably feels like the rumour of story content of GTA V is never-ending, but the prospect of such a thing had dyed down until very recently after Rockstar ruled out such content by stating all of their staff had been moved over to work on Grand Theft Auto Online. However, a picture posted to Instagram by the actor who plays character Franklin in a motion capture suit reignited hopes that such a dream could become reality.

Luke, however, seems to think otherwise. You never know though, Rockstar could be doing three DLC packs that each focus on an individual character. Unlikely, but possible.

Anyway, Ned Luke continued to confirm that both he and the two actors that play Franklin and Trevor intend to attend various conventions in 2016 so they can “finally meet so many of our fans.”

But I do know the boyz are gonna try to get out to some conventions this year so we can finally meet so many of our fans that we have been unable to meet in the past.

So, back to square one, by the looks of it. After all of that information, we’re all still none-the-wiser over the existence of any story DLC for Grand Theft Auto V. By now, the only thing that will put the issue to bed for good is the developer confirming that it will never happen.

Source: VG247

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