Grand Theft Auto Online Stunt Race Creator Now Available


The latest major update to Grand Theft Auto Online will be a particularly exciting one for players who enjoy creating custom races via the in-game creation tools. A few weeks ago, Rockstar added the Cunning Stunts update to the game, introducing a slew of new races far more over the top and frenetic than previous fare. Now, the developer is providing the same assets and tools to players looking to incorporate them into the game’s bevy of user-generated content, via the introduction of the Stunt Race Creator.

The update includes over 250 new props and elements that can make for radically different races, from floating platforms to loop-de-loops, obstacles like rotating flames and giant soccer balls, and even speed strips that provide a brief boost a la Mario Kart and F-Zero. New options to automatically snap props together and allow for more precise placement have also been added, and will be integrated into the existing race creation tools as well.

The update also includes Entourage, a new adversary mode that divides two competing teams into bodyguards trying to transport and defend an armored target against a group of assassins. Those who participate in the mode through August 11 will receive double the normal amount of in-game currency and experience, along with a 25% discount off the new clothing and tattoo options introduced in the Cunning Stunts update.