Grand Theft Auto V: The Method Behind Rockstar’s Madness

Since the very first announcement of Grand Theft Auto V on October 25th last year, fans around the world have speculated the game’s storyline, location, characters, and the overall game itself. There have been more rumours and supposed leaks than perhaps any other GTA game in the series. By this point, Rockstar has addressed almost every one of these rumours and either confirmed them or squashed them.

But now that Rockstar has released their loads of information to Game Informer, IGN, and several other media sources, a lot of fans of the ground-breaking series have expressed concern and plain disappointment with Rockstar’s decisions in the development and features of Grand Theft Auto V.

Unfortunately, most gamers do not understand the industry or how video games work as well as they know how to play them. That being said, the controversy over a lot of Grand Theft Auto V‘s new features is something that needs to be broken down and explained from a true Rockstar perspective.

Join us as we take a look at the method behind Rockstar’s madness.

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