Grand Theft Auto V May Be Coming To PC This Fall


Technology giant Nvidia has apparently let slip that Grand Theft Auto V, one of this fall’s most anticipated console titles, will also be available for PC.

In a transcribed earnings call, Senior Director of Investor Relations Chris Evendon was predicting a surge in PC hardware upgrades brought on by the impending release of a few popular new games. He specifically mentioned three titles: Call of Duty: GhostsAssassin’s Creed IV and Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V publisher Rockstar has a history of porting their games to PC far after their console release, if at all. As I’m typing this, a petition by PC gamers clamoring for a release of GTA V on their platform of choice has nearly 316,000 signatures.

With Grand Theft Auto V set to hit consoles on September 17th, any hint that the game will be dropping on PC within the same season is good news. LA Noire, the last major Rockstar release, appeared on PCs a full six months after being simultaneously released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Meanwhile, PC gamers have all but lost hope on seeing a ported version of 2010’s Red Dead Redemption.

At this point there has been no confirmation from Rockstar on the validity of the claim. If this was indeed a mistake on the part of Nvidia, they too have failed to step forward to clarify this breaking story.

People are increasingly turning to their PCs for satisfy their gaming needs, so there’s potential for a substantial increase in the number of available customers. Even with Rockstar’s history of neglect, a more timely PC release of Grand Theft Auto V wouldn’t be much of a shock.

We’ll be sure to follow up with any and all further developments.