Grasshopper May Be Working On A Sequel To Shadows Of The Damned


Now this is some exciting news. Grasshopper Manufacture has announced that they’re currently considering a sequel to Shadows of the Damned despite its commercial failings last year. Eurogamer is reporting that Grasshopper’s chief creative officer, Akira Yamoka, stated that there is internal interest in a sequel and that they believe EA could be interested in the project. This is a surprise considering the first game was left to die on retail shelves last year.

Shadows of the Damned was easily the sleeper hit of last year. The game received massive praise from critics, but just failed to find success on store shelves, partially due to a horrible release window. You can find our review for the original here.

If you haven’t managed to get your paws on Shadows of the Damned yet, it’s time to rectify that.

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