Gravity Challenged Inversion Coming Soon

Although there hasn’t been much new information released about Namco‘s newest title Inversion, it looks like the game finally has a solid release date set for June 5th in the States and June 8 in Europe. I’ve been patiently waiting for Inversion since it was supposed to be released back in February, but as June grows closer, I can’t help but get even more excited.

Players will step into Davis Russel’s shoes, a cop thrust into a war between humans and a race of creatures called the Lutadore, who have the power to manipulate gravity. As Davis searches for his lost child, he will get his hands on this technology, giving players the chance to use gravity as a weapon in some very interesting ways.

We first posted a trailer from last year’s E3 for Inversion a few months ago, but there’s nothing like a little reminder to get everybody ready for some insane action. Aside from turning the world topsy-turvy, players will also be let loose in a completely destructable environment and stumble into some beautiful looking set pieces. Check out a trailer below, and remember to pick up Inversion when it hits your area!