Gravity Rush 2, Gravity Daze Remaster Announced For PS4


Many gaming-related prayers were answered this morning, when Sony took to the stage and revealed that a sequel to Gravity Rush really is in development.

Now a PlayStation 4 game, Gravity Rush 2 is expected to hit Japan sometime during the Spring 2016 season. It’ll be cel-shaded, too, and looks beautiful with said colourful art style and current-gen console fidelity. That’s really all we know, though, because details are scarce and the reveal trailer doesn’t offer much in the way of story information.

Also revealed this morning, was Gravity Daze Remaster, which is also in the works for PS4 and will hit Japan on December 10th. A North American release has not been hinted at or confirmed, but we’re hopeful that both this remastered Vita classic and its anticipated sequel will make their way to our shores within good time.

As always, we’ll keep you up-to-date on Gravity Rush 2 as more information begins to circulate.