Gravity Rush 2 Info Dump Introduces The Citizens Of Banga


Gravity Rush 2, the reality-bending sequel in the works over at Sony Japan Studio, is poised to order Kat and Syd to the all-new town of Banga, a mining settlement bustling with life – and colorful characters.

In a bid to educate fans on the new faces in town, PlayStation Blog has today rolled out a series of character profiles, spotlighting everyone from Lisa (a strong yet short-tempered leader) to mining expert Misai, who harbors something of a grudge against Kat, our lead heroine.

Per PS Blog:

Kat and her friend Syd find themselves caught in a gravity anomaly and transported far away from the peaceful town of Hekseville and into the mining settlement of Banga.

Banga’s a mobile town – an odd mixture of residencies and boats that are home to miners and their families who make their living collecting gravity ore from the floating reef area below. Under the strict command of their leader Lisa, they regularly dock at other ports in order to stock up on supplies and conduct business.

A forbidden land awaits, it seems. Gravity Rush 2 will whisk players off onto the mystical plains of Banga when Japan Studio’s mind-bending sequel bows on November 30 for those in Europe, before expanding across both the United Kingdom and the US of A on December 2.

To get up to speed on those new characters ahead of time, have a flick through the gallery below. Although, if you want more insight into how the sequel actually plays, look no further than our hands-on impressions from E3.

Source: PS Blog

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