Gravity Rush 2 Will Be The End Of Kat’s Story


Gravity Rush 2 producer Nick Accordino has revealed that the sequel will be the conclusion of the protagonist’s story. Accordino has stated that Gravity Rush was conceived of as a two part series from the beginning and that the sequel’s ending was planned from the get go.

The first Gravity Rush was released in 2012 and was originally a PS Vita exclusive. At the time, the game was one of the more popular titles available on the struggling handheld console, and was eventually ported to the PS4 in 2016.

In the beginning of the first game, the main character, Kat, is suffering from amnesia. During her quest to regain her memory, she develops powers that allow her to manipulate gravity.  Using these newfound abilities, she battles monsters, braves dangers and tries protect her city. The sequel will continue her story and by the time the credits roll, Kat’s chapter will be closed.

It’s always good to find out that a creative team knows where they want to a story to go even before they’ve started. If it’s done well, we should be able to pick up clues hinting to the ultimate fate of Kat on another play through of the first game. Of course, be it a film, comic book or video game, the end can always be undone, and characters can always come back. So, unless Gravity Rush 2 truly has a definitive ending, it may not in fact be the end for Kat.