Gravity Rush 2’s TGS 2016 Trailer Will Blind You With Its Dazzling Visuals


One of Sony’s lesser-known PlayStation 4 exclusives, Gravity Rush 2, has finally been given the attention it deserves at this year’s Tokyo Game Show by way of a new gameplay trailer. A sequel to 2012’s Gravity Rush (known as Gravity Daze in Japan), the game promises to be a direct continuation of its predecessor, being developed directly for the PS4 rather than the PlayStation Vita.

Again thrust into the shoes of Kat from the original, Gravity Rush 2 looks set to continue offering a unique brand of gameplay by way of its gravity-based mechanics. Three ‘gravity styles’ will be available to choose from this time around, each endowing Kat with different abilities such as increased speed and a higher jump height.

Gameplay options aren’t the only thing being expanded upon, either. Director Keiichiro Toyama has stated previously that Gravity Rush 2 features three times the number of missions than that of the original, and will see the return of the Nevi race along with Raven, an AI-controlled ally who can help Kat during combat.

For your own taste of what to expect when Gravity Rush 2 launches on December 2, see the trailer above. Be warned though, there’s a very real chance that its psychedelic color pallete will blind you without adequate eye protection.

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