Gravity Rush DLC Plans Detailed

If you pre-ordered Gravity Rush through Amazon, then you most-likely received a code to download its Military DLC Pack, which adds new missions and a military outfit for the title’s main character. However, if you snoozed on that offer, then you have another chance to snag the free add-on for personal use.

Sony Computer Entertainment just announced that anyone who downloads this unique release through PSN (this week only) will receive the same Military DLC Pack without having to shell out any additional cash. That’s a pretty good deal, considering the fact that the download only version is cheaper than its retail counterpart at $35.99.

Conversely, those who end up missing out on both offers can download the above-mentioned DLC pack on June 24 for $3.99.

On top of the aforementioned add-on, two other extra content packs will be released for Gravity Rush within its release month. Their details are listed below:

June 26 – Spy Pack ($3.99) – Adds two new side missions, two challenge missions and a spy costume, which happens to be a cat suit.

July 10 – Maid Pack ($3.99) – Adds two extra side missions, two new challenge missions and a suggestive maid costume.

Gravity Rush is a first-party PS Vita exclusive, which made its way to retail store shelves today. Having played it a couple of times myself, I’d like to recommend it to anyone looking for something different. Its mix of gravity-free action and open world gameplay is a good one.