Gravity Rush Might Be Releasing In May


I may be alone in this, but when I think games that are releasing “around launch,” I’m thinking that means something like “within a month” not “before the end of the year.” Apparently, Sony doesn’t think the same with topsy-turvy adventure game, Gravity Rush.

What was previously pegged as a game coming out near the Vita’s February 22 launch seems to have been pushed back a few months. Amazon and GameStop are both placing the release on May 29, more than three months after the launch. Which seems odd, given that demos I’ve played recently seemed pretty finished. Not to mention the game just saw a release in Japan last week. So…we don’t know what’s going on.

I advise everyone to keep an eye on this one regardless. From what I’ve played, the game has a real opportunity to be a real gem for the handheld.

What say you, gamers? Does this change your Vita plans?

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