Great Footage From The Uncharted 3 Beta Surfaces

Drake and his friends are invading PlayStation Plus and eventually PSN, with the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta. It allows Plus members, as well as early adopters, to give the much anticipated third-person shooter a try before they buy it this fall. No single player content is available, but there’s a whole lot of great looking multiplayer action to boot.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yourself and are interested in seeing what it looks like, this is your shot. We have three videos to show off the beta and the game looks absolutely fantastic.

All three were captured during different types of deathmatch games, including team deathmatch, three team deathmatch and free for all and show some great content.

Watch as teams battle it out in excellent looking locations such as the crumbling ruins of an old chalet (complete with old-fashioned light posts) and an airport map. The latter is the most spectacular looking of the three as it shows how the stage transforms dynamically with action. At one point, they’re battling it out over moving vehicles on a tarmac, and then they’re hopping a fence to duke it out in a hangar, after someone takes off in a plane.

Very cool stuff and well worth a watch. Enjoy viewing the videos and give the Beta a shot yourself, when it opens to the public on July 5.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will hit North American store shelves on November 1, with a European release occurring three days later. If it’s anything like the last two offerings in the series from Naughty Dog, it’s sure to be amazing.

Free for all on Chateau:

Three team deathmatch on Chateau:

Team deathmatch on Airstrip:

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