The Great Race And Gender Debate Of Grand Theft Auto V


Oh no, Grand Theft Auto V has no women as leads in it, yet has three MEN I can switch between willingly. That is SO sexist! Oh, and Franklin gets treated differently in the game because he is black, that is SO messed up!

Spare me that whining, pop culture. We have become such assholes, such pitiful little shits, that we look for faults wherever we can find them. The funniest thing being, the two things I mentioned above are FAR from being faults. Moreover, I would call them conscientious and brilliant decisions, per usual, on Rockstar’s account. But like the self righteous assholes we have all become, we are just LOOKING for something wrong with this game. Sadly, it is just a reflection of the world we live in right now. Grand Theft Auto V is not broken or messed up. It is spot-on. It is we as a whole that are broken, as I will try to point out here.

It seems no matter what you present people, they will find something to tear apart about it. Look at the comments section under most of my articles and you will see, God forbid I think Anthony Bourdain would be a good Batman. Apparently I should be raped for that. You can give people free articles that they can look at whenever they want, yet they will still tell you that something is wrong with them. You “left out” a movie they wanted, or a moment they loved.

You can cook someone a meal that cost them nothing, and they will focus on the one aspect of the meal they didn’t like. Maybe you used too much salt, or overcooked their meat.

You can give someone a ride somewhere, and they will bitch about the road you took to get them there. They will focus on how bumpy it was, or how “they” knew a quicker, better way. It is just how the world (and we as a people) work now. It’s sad, but true.

We have become spoiled, whiny brats, who, for some inexplicable reason, feel that the world owes us. Sadly, the internet age has only made it worse, giving a voice to all the weak willed and lonesome trolls who live in their parents basement and suddenly, for the first time in all their lives, have a megaphone through which to spew their sad and pointless angst.

Of course, Rockstar is on the receiving end of some of that angst right now. This time, they are being taken apart for how the deal with race and gender in GTA V. But let’s not forget, this is Rockstar, and to imply they don’t know what their doing is to laugh in the face of the fact that they just made $800 million dollars……in ONE DAY.

It seems that everyone who implies that they did something wrong needs to understand, action outweighs words, and we all bought the game, didn’t we? So between the perfect reviews and the fact that EVERYONE is playing this game, some people noticed a few things that pissed them off in Grand Theft Auto V.

Namely, there are no strong women represented in the game, and that Franklin, the black character, gets treated differently. I will now tell you why both of those were brilliant decisions on Rockstar’s part , and why they are a multi-billion dollar business, and we all aren’t.

I will address gender first, as it seems to be the more pressing issue.