The Great War Unfolds In Stunning Launch Trailer For Battlefield 1


As of Friday, October 21, Battlefield 1 is officially out in the wild for all platforms, introducing players to a visceral account of The Great War. To celebrate the occasion, EA and developer DICE have lifted the lid on the shooter’s spectacular launch trailer, and you can get a taste of that explosive action up above.

Much like the first reveal trailer, you’ll hear the blaring chords of “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes in the background – albeit a remixed version – and though many gameplay clips often integrate music that doesn’t necessarily mesh with the on-screen visuals, this combination works remarkably well.

As the core single-player campaign of Battlefield 1 is divided into five vignettes known as War Stories, the launch trailer is also a neat overview of the plot’s impressive scope, ranging from the muddy trenches and No Man’s Land to the sun-kissed plains of North Africa, where Lawrence of Arabia will filter into the narrative in some capacity. Of course, for many, the shooter’s 64-player multiplayer will be the big draw, though in our official review, we found that DICE’s period shooter strikes a near-perfect balance between the two.

With a refreshing single-player campaign that never overstays its welcome, and the most polished and refined multiplayer mode to date, Battlefield 1 is easily the best game in the series.

Battlefield 1 marched onto PS4, Xbox One and PC yesterday, October 21. Tell us, will you be spending much of your weekend in the trenches of DICE’s WWI shooter? Do let us know.

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