Grim Fandango Features As January’s PlayStation Plus Titles Are Revealed


The PlayStation Plus line-up for January has been revealed, and Grim Fandango Remastered tops the list of next generation titles to be included. The PlayStation Blog confirmed the available games in their latest update, stating that Double Fine’s reissued title will be free for both PS4 and PS Vita users.

In January, PlayStation 4 users will also be able to get their hands on Hardware: Rivals, bringing a touch of vehicular chaos to compliment Grim Fandango‘s nuanced adventure gameplay. PS Vita owners will also see themselves granted free access to Legends Of War Patton and Nihilumbra through PlayStation Plus in January.

Perhaps most exciting, however, is the line-up for users who still have their PS3 hooked up and in working order. PS3 members will be able to get hold of Dragon Age: Origins and Medal Of Honour Warfighter in January, meaning that the only truly AAA titles available through PS Plus at the beginning of 2016 will be through the PS3.

So, PlayStation Plus members, what do you think of the free games for January? Is Grim Fandango: Remastered worth leaving the PS3 behind for, or are you a PS4 owner wishing you’d never gotten rid of your last-gen console?