Grinding Gear Games’ Path Of Exile Coming To Xbox One This Year


Popular action RPG Path of Exile is finding a new home on Xbox One in 2017, developer Grinding Gear Games has announced. Originally released as an open beta in early 2013 – and subsequently getting a full release the following October – Path of Exile borrows heavily from Blizzard’s own Diablo series, particularly that of Diablo II, which is often considered to be the series’ high point. As is the case with the property from which it draws its inspiration, gameplay takes place from an overhead perspective, with emphasis on loot hunting and wealth accumulation in order to build the “ultimate character.”

Having adopted a free-to-play model early in development with optional micro-transactions, it’s not entirely clear from the announcement over on Microsoft’s blog whether the Xbox One version will support the same payment model – the console versions of Diablo III did away with the game’s auction house feature, which allowed players to buy and sell in-game items for real money – but we’ll be surprised if it makes the transition without some sort of change. If it’s removed entirely, expect Path of Exile to come with a price tag when it becomes available.

Grinding Gears’ co-founder Chris Wilson stops short of providing a solid release date for the port but does confirm that all five “major expansions” released for the PC version will be available on release day, as well as the upcoming 3.0.0 add-on, which Wilson describes as gigantic.

Isometric RPGs are a genre that’s often underrepresented on consoles, so it’s nice to see that Xbox One owners will finally have an alternative to Diablo III in the not-too-distant future. See the above trailer released yesterday for a taste of what Path of Exile has to offer.

Source: Xbox Wire