GT5 Has A New Release Date

Wow, it has actually arrived. A large sack full of fans had all but lost hope that GT5 was ever going to be in their hands, and seeing as we all thought Polyphony were due to announce a release date at the beginning of November, we started to doubt too.

But now Polyphony have answered our prayers (now’s a good time to dismantle and hide the GT5 shrine in your bedroom) and not only got a release date nailed down for us, but it’s *gasp* before Christmas! Alot of folks regularly grumble about how all the best and biggest titles seem to come out in the winter winds, within say…ten days of each other, and to be honest they’re totally right. But I’m not complaining, I can think of worse things than being torn between how to spend my gaming time…like counting sheep in a field by touch alone whilst wearing a blindfold and being handcuffed to a drunken man, at night.

Anyway enough waffle from me, you know this launch is gonna be big, and the day to mark on your utterly defaced calandar is November the 24th (2010).

The dev team have alos been kind enough to put up the full list of tracks and cars, so tuck in and get your driving gloves ready.

…oh and let’s be honest, if it gets delayed one more time the fanbase will start eating each other..