GTA Fan Plans To Drive Nonstop Until The Release Of Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6

Seven years. That’s how long Rockstar has maintained radio silence in regards to its most successful game of all-time. Grand Theft Auto V, despite being nearly a decade old, continues to rake in record profits for the developer by way of its massively multiplayer online component which to this day, still receives sizable content updates. With millions of players still regularly logging in to sample the delights that San Andreas has to offer, then, it’s hardly a surprise that the developer is in no rush to release a successor.

And yet, despite it having uttered not a word about Grand Theft Auto 6, fans have spent the last few years speculating no end as to its potential setting, characters and gameplay elements, theories that are often fueled by ‘leaks’ and supposed insider knowledge. Said rumor mill has sped-up to a dizzying pace as of late and, while not one has been able to be verified, each still fuels an absurd amount of hype.

That being the case, fans have roughly as many solid facts (read: zero) about the unannounced sequel as they did several years ago, prompting some to abandon all hope of receiving any official details before the end of the decade. Some, but not all.

YouTuber 10HoursMovies has come up with a novel method of passing the time until Grand Theft Auto 6 finally arrives. With 18 days of nonstop driving already under their belt, the streamer says they plan to continue driving laps around Grand Theft Auto V‘s San Andreas area until Rockstar unleashes the sequel. Considering that the stunt could easily span multiple years, I imagine the superfan either take shifts with a number of friends to keep the engine running or, as is more likely the case, has installed a mod to do most of the heavy lifting.

Whatever the case, you can check out live feed of the world record attempt by hitting the link below. Enjoy.