GTA V Patch Notes Reveal Massive Online Improvements


The patch notes for the latest GTA V update have been published by Rockstar Games, and they reveal a whole host of improvements and fixes for the online environment. The update is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC players, with certain aspects of the patch being platform-exclusive.

GTA V‘s 1.33 patch doesn’t just bring some polish to existing content, mind you, and there are plenty of new items and objects available with the update including a brand new vehicle and numerous motorworks upgrades and a new adversary mode titled Sumo, which sees players attempt to push each other off the Maze bank building. As usual for a GTA V update there are also new clothes, tattoos and player actions available through the new update.

While the new content list is well-sized again, it’s simply nothing compared to the size of the list of online improvements made by Rockstar. All of the nitty, gritty details of these improvements are available over at Rockstar‘s official site, so you can see for yourself just how committed to GTA V‘s continuous improvement the developer is.